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Monday, November 26, 2007

Finding out more about the Secondary School of your choice online

Here is a step-by-step guide to find out more about the secondary school of your choice online.

1. Click on this link.

You will be brought to a webpage that will feature this

Under the “Basic Search for Schools”, choose “Secondary Schools” and click on the flag on the right-hand side of the tool bar (circled in bold in the above image), and choose a school.

2. A detailed information on the school you chose will appear as below.

click on image below to enlarge

Scroll down and you will see the PSLE aggregate range of the school for the Year 2006 as shown in the next image. There are links to previous years’ aggregates as well.

click on image below to enlarge

That’s all!

Good luck and wish you the best in getting the school of your choice!


Anonymous said...


Just a question about secondary school placing. Assuming School A has 10 places left and 20 students with EXACYLy the same PSLE score - do you know how does MOE decide which 10 to go in? Do they base it on whether you choose the school as first choice - meaning that the one who put School A as 1st choice has higher chance than a student who choose is as 2nd or 3rd choice. Spoke to several teachers and they have no info on this. This will affect whether we want to follow the common advise of putting your dream school whose cut off is just out of reach as the 1st 2 choices. Please advice.


Excel Eduservice said...
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Excel Eduservice said...

It is better to ask your school that question. Your teachers are in a better position to answer that.