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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Maha Bodhi Sch 2007 PSLE Math Prelim Q45

In a frog-leaping competition, for every two leaps made by a big frog, a small frog would have to leap thrice. In a 100-m race, the big frog leapt 50 times.
a) How many times did the small frog leap?
b) How many metres did the small frog move with each leap?


Big frog ----- small frog
2 leaps ----- 3 leaps
(x 25) 50 leaps ----- 75 leaps (x25)

Answer: The small frog leapt 75 times.

100 m divided by 75 leaps ----- 1 and 1/3 m per leap (Answer)

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