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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Request for help - CHIJ St Nicholas 2009 Prelim Paper 2 Q17

Hello everyone, I received an email from a reader seeking some help. Below is the email reproduced unedited. Please feel free to help.


I am a regular reader of your blog "road-to-psle". I have 1 question from CHIJ St Nicholas 2009 Prelim Paper 2 Q17 that I cannot solve. I have asked many people including tutors and teachers but they also cannot solve. Can you please help me? The question:

At Carpark P. the number of lorries to that of vans was in the ralio 3: 7.
At Carpark Q, the number of lorries to that of vans was in the ratio 8: 9.
When 40% more lorries from an industrial park entered Carpark P and
20% of the vans at Carpark Q moved to Carpark P. there were 76 fewer
Iorries at Carpark P than at Carpark Q. How many vehicles were there
altogether at the two carparks finally? Ans:564



Please post solutions here.


Anonymous said...

Please refer to solution at the following website:

ExcelEduservice said...

Thanks for the contribution.

Anonymous said...

Aden and John started jogging along a circular track. Aden started at Point X while John started at Point Y where the line XY formed the diameter of the circle. Aden and John jogged toward each other along the circular track from their respective starting point and first met at Point W which was 80 m from Point X. After they met for the first time, they continued jogging along the track and finally met again for the second time at Point Z which was 60 m from Point Y. Find the distance of the circular track. (Answer : 320 m)