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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Request for help from a reader - 10 Jul 2010

Posted by a reader which can be found in this link.

Aden and John started jogging along a circular track. Aden started at Point X while John started at Point Y where the line XY formed the diameter of the circle. Aden and John jogged toward each other along the circular track from their respective starting point and first met at Point W which was 80 m from Point X. After they met for the first time, they continued jogging along the track and finally met again for the second time at Point Z which was 60 m from Point Y. Find the distance of the circular track. (Answer : 360 m)

Any kind soul would like to help? Please post solution here. Registration is not required.

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ExcelEduservice said...

Solution provided by Tianzhu. Reproduced over here in this link.

Thanks for the effort, Tianzhu.