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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ACS Primary 2009 PSLE Math Prelim Paper 2 Q16

The figure below is made up of semicircles and quadrants. Find
a) the area of A
b) the perimeter of B
Leave your answer correct to 1 decimal place.


Area of unshaded semicircle (on the left of the figure above)
--> (1/2)(3.14)(3)(3)sq cm = 14.13 sq cm

Area of unshaded square (at the bottom left of the figure)
--> 6cm x 6cm = 36 sq cm
(The unshaded portion outside the shaded area B on the bottom right square, can be shifted left to form a square at the bottom left of the figure.)

Total Area of A
--> (14.13 + 36) sq cm
= 50.13 sq cm
~ 50.1 sq cm

Answer: 50.1 sq cm


Perimeter of B
--> There are 3 quadrants of radius 6cm, 1 semicircle of radius 3 cm and one straight line measuring 6 cm
--> (3/4)(2)(3.14)(6)cm + (1/2)(2)(3.14)(3)cm + 6 cm
= (28.26 + 9.42 + 6) cm
= 43.68 cm
~ 43.7 cm

Answer: 43.7 cm

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