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Monday, March 28, 2011

Math Problem Sum again

To all,
Posted through email from a reader
Please feel free to put up your working and answer
David and Michael drove from town A to town B at different speeds. Both did not change their speeds throughout their journeys. David started his journey 30 mins earlier thatn micheal. however, micheal reached town B 5o mins earlier than david. when micheal reached town B, david had travelled 4/5 of the journey and was 75 km away from town B.

what was the distance between town a and b?
hown many kilometers did david travel in 1 hour?
what was the time taken by micheal to travel from town a to b?

sry to disturb u again but i really need help cause i dont have tuition at home.


Anonymous said...

Distance between Town A and B=75x5

David's speed=(60/50)x75
= 90 km/h
Therefore in 1 hour, he travelled 90 km.

Total time taken by David=375/90
=4 1/6 hr
Therefore time taken by Michael
=4 1/6hr - 80 min
= 2hr 50 min

ChildOfGod said...

Do you have terms and conditions for this page? do you mind me using the questions on this page to help teach a child tuition?

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