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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nanyang Pri Sch 2009 P6 CA1 Math Paper 2 Q10

In the figure shown below, SUVX is a square. STU is an equilateral triangle and TXW is a straight line.
a) Find the value of Angle STX.
b) Find the value of Angle WVX.


Line TZ passes through V, while line TY is passes through the centre of Line SU.
Angle STX is 1/4 of Angle STU.
Angle STU is 60 degrees (Triangle STU is equilateral)

Angle STX --> (1/4) x 60 degrees = 15 degrees

Answer: 15 degrees

Angle SXT = 15 degrees (Triangle STX is isosceles)
Angle TXV --> (90 - 15) degrees = 75 degrees
Angle WXV --> (180 - 75) degrees = 105 degrees

Angle WVX
--> (180 - 105) degrees divided by 2 = 37.5 degrees
(Triangle WVX is isosceles)

Answer: 37.5 degrees

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