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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ACS Primary 2010 SA1 Math Paper 2 Q12

Weiming had 2/3 as many stickers as Shiyang. After Weiming gave 52 stickers to Shiyang, Weiming had 2/5 as many stickers as Shiyang. How many stickers did Weiming have at first?


*(x7) and (x5) to give a common total of 35 units for both "At first" and "In the end", since there is no change in the total number of stickers.

Weiming gave
14 units - 10 units ---- 52
4 units ----- 52
1 unit ----- 52 divided by 4 = 13

Weiming at first
14 units x 13 = 182

Answer: 182 stickers

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