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Thursday, April 14, 2011

ACS Primary 2010 SA1 Math Paper 2 Q14

Tony and Charles took part in a car race. Tony drove at a speed of 90km/h. Both of them did not change their speed throughout the race. When Charles had covered 1/3 the distance, Tony was 15 km in front of him. Tony reached the finishing line at 9.35 a.m. At what time did Charles recah the finishing line?


* For every 1/3 of the race Charles covered, Tony was 15 km ahead. When Charles completed the whole race, Tony would have been 3 x 15km = 45km ahead of Charles, if we assume Tony continued to travel beyond the finishing line.

Time = 45 km divided 90 km/h
= 0.5 hour

Half hour after 9.35 am ------ 10.05 am

Answer: 10.05 am

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