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Friday, January 25, 2008

MGS (Paya Lebar) Pri School P6 Math CA1 2006 (Q45)

Tim, Tom and Kat have a certain number of books. If Tim gives 8 books to Tom, he will have half as many books as Tom. If Kat gives 15 books to Tom, both of them will have the same number of books. If Tom has 40 books at first, how many books do Tim and Kat have altogether at first?


Tom at first ----- 40 books

If Tim gives Tom 8 books
Tom ----- 40 books + 8 books = 48 books
Tim will have half of Tom ----- 48 books divided by 2 = 24 books

Therefore (at first) Tim will have
24 books + 8 books he gives to Tom ----- 32 books at first

If Kat gives Tom 15 books
Tom ----- 40 books + 15 books = 55 books
Kat will have same number of books ----- 55 books

Therefore (at first) Kat will have
55 books + 15 books she gives to Tom ----- 70 books at first

Tim and Kat at first will have
32 books + 70 books = 102 books.

Answer: Tim and Kat will have a total of 102 books at first.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you tell me what does the word "as many as" means? If there are 1/3 as many muffins as cupcakes. Does it means 1/3 times the number of muffins = cupcakes. Thanks.

ExcelEduservice said...

It means:
Muffins ---- 1 unit
Cupcakes ---- 3 units

So it cannot mean (1/3) x muffins = cupcakes. It is the other way.

(1/3) x number of cupcakes will give you the number of muffins.