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Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Problem Sum from a reader

Received another question from a reader.
Can anyone help this reader out

Mrs tan bought 4 times as many toys as teddy bears . She spent $1750 altogether . A toy gun cost $10 less than a teddy bear . The total cost of toy guns was $490 more than the total cost of teddy bears .
(a) How much did Mrs tan spend on the teddy bears?

(B) How much did one teddy bear cost ?


Anonymous said...

Is 'Mrs tan bought 4 times as many toy guns as teddy bear' instead of 'Mrs tan bought 4 times as many toys as teddy bears'??

Anonymous said...

(a). Total Spent:$1750
Total diff.from teddy+toyguns:$490
Don't know about (b) though.